Courses Taught

Introduction to Art History: Prehistoric art to the present
Introduction to Art History: Prehistoric to Medieval Art
Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to contemporary art
Issues in Modern Art (Baroque to Postmodernism)
Baroque to Impressionist Art: Europe and the U.S.
American Art History: European colonies to WWII
Modern/Contemporary Art: Post-Impressionism to the present
Contemporary Art: 1945 to the Present
Contemporary Art: 1960 to the Present
Expressionism: France, Germany, and Austria
Constructivism and The Bauhaus
Dada and Surrealism
High Art and Popular Culture
History of Modern Design
History of Book Arts: Gutenberg to the present
New Genres/New Media
Bernini to Fellini: The History and Visual Culture of Italy (study-abroad course)
Feminist Art and Theory
Gender in Contemporary Art
Postmodernism: Art and Theory
Methods in Art History
Art History Thesis
Arts Mentorship: Undergraduate Seminar in Contemporary Art and Professional Practices