American Art to 1945
Tuesday/Thursday, 2:30-3:50
EB 217

Exhibition views from Tiffany's Laurelton estateCourse description: This course covers the history of American art and culture from the colonial era to the years immediately following World War II. Historical issues that will be discussed include: how different forms of European colonization of North American lands and its indigenous peoples affected the evolution of American Art; post-Revolutionary American artists' involvement in  international art movements; and the growing dominance of American culture and theory in the Western world during the early-to-mid twentieth century.

American art in the news:

NEW! One of Edward Hicks' final versions of Peaceable Kingdom to be sold from his family's collection
NEW! Listen to NPR's report on the upcoming sale of Thomas Eakins' Gross Clinic
Exhibition reveals the opulence of Louis Comfort Tiffany's country estate
Whitney Museum examines the connections between Picasso and American Art
London gallery opens Bound for Glory: America in Color, 1939-43
Jefferson Medical College may sell Eakins' Gross Clinic to National Gallery for $68 million
Dorothea Lange's impounded photos of Japanese internment camps unearthed and published
Metropolitan Museum of Art opens Americans in Paris: 1860-1900
New edition of Uncle Tom's Cabin incorporates even-handed analyses of the novel's problematic hero
        (Read excerpts of scholar Henry Louis Gates' comments from The Annotated Uncle Tom's Cabin)
Washington Post critiques the "very Disney" refurbishing of George Washington's home, Mount Vernon
NPR pays homage to Emma Lazarus, the poet whose words were placed on Bartholdi's Statue of Liberty
explores the international art of the Spanish colonies
        (Go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art's website for Tesoros/Treasures/Tesouros)
Controversy surrounds efforts to build a 1950 Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home in New York state
Photographer Richard Avedon's world-class collection of photography goes to the auction block

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