Review sheet: Midterm exam (Monday, December 8th)
Surrealist art and culture

Our midterm will be based on the following format:

1) Short answer questions (20 points, 20 minutes) 
        You will be asked questions pertaining to class readings as well as subjects, issues and changes in art from the periods we've addressed, answerable with either a few terms or a few sentences. 

2) Multiple choice: "Left, Right, Both, Neither" (10 slides, 50 points, 20 minutes) 
        You will be shown six pairs of slides. Identify each pair by writing the requested information in the blank (artist, title, and year [within five years]). For each pair of artworks, you will be given four statements. These statements may concern cultural context, historical information, technique and terminology. You will indicate which slide(s)-the left slide, right slide, both slides, or neither slide-best illustrate(s) the statements. I have hyperlinked below a series of images from the text, which you will be expected to identify according to the artist, title, and year/s.

3) Short essay question (30 points, 40 minutes)
       You will be asked to write an essay pertaining to a specific question/series of questions relating to a pair of slides from the textbook.  Go to a useful article on tips for essay writing

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