ARTHI3400-04: Expressionism
Tuesdays/Thursdays, 2:30-3:50pm, EB 217

L.A. Opera's staging of the "Ring Cycle" [2009]Course description: This course will address the subjective impulse in the work of French, German, and Austrian Expressionist movements of the early 20th century. After reviewing the work of Post-Impressionist predecessors, we will focus on the painting, sculpture, prints, performance, film, and writings of the various European Expressionist movements, as well as the politics and popular culture that affected the world in which these artists worked. Since the course deals as much with history as with art, we will also be exploring the different historical events, artistic media and philosophical theories that inform the work presented in the class.

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Art in the News:
NEW! L.A. Opera launches an ambitious staging of Wagner's "Ring Cycle"
Solomon R. Guggenheim museum opens an impressive Kandinsky retrospective
Tate Museum to exhibit Turner's paintings alonside their historical inspirations
Oskar Kokoschka exhibition opens at New York's Neue Galerie
       [Go to the Neue Galerie site for Focus: Oskar Kokoschka]
Expressionist predecessor James Ensor subject of MoMA retrospective

Lecture links:
NEW! Unhealthily fascinated with Kokoschka's Alma Mahler doll? Click here for more details!
NEW! Very recent news on the status of Schiele's Portrait of Wally, which has been cleared for trial