Review sheet: Final exam (Thursday, December 10th)
Austrian Expressionism to New Objectivity

Our final exam will be based on the following format:

1) Short answer questions (20 points, 20 minutes) 
        You will be asked questions pertaining to subjects, issues and changes in art from the periods we've addressed in lectures through our textbook/reserve readings. These questions will be answerable either with an author's name, identification or discussion of pertinent terms/concepts, or a very short essay.. 

Be sure to review all of our course readings since the Midterm!

2) Multiple choice: "Left, Right, Both, Neither" (10 slides, 50 points, 20 minutes) 
        You will be shown six pairs of slides. Identify each pair by writing the requested information in the blank (artist, title, and year [within five years]. For each pair of artworks, you will be given four statements. These statements may concern cultural context, historical information, technique and terminology. You will indicate which slide(s)-the left slide, right slide, both slides, or neither slide-best illustrate(s) the statements. I have linked below a series of images from the course since midterm, which you will be expected to identify according to the artist, title, and year/s.

3) Short essay question (30 points, 40 minutes)
       You will be asked to write an essay pertaining to a specific question/series of questions relating to a pair of slides from the class since midterm.  Go to a useful article on tips for essay writing

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