Methods in Art History

FINE4790/5790: Methods in Art History
Student Commons, Room 3208
Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-1:45

Course Description

A seminar in the nature and purpose of the study of the history of art, in which the student is introduced to basic approaches and various research methodologies in the history of art. Scholars rely on an array of research methods in order to formulate histories of art. In this seminar, we will study the history of art history for the sake of understanding the origins, applications, and strengths and weaknesses of these methods; acquaint ourselves with major figures who devised some of the principal tools for crafting written narratives of art; contextualize art historiography so as to ascertain the motives and social forces underlying significant developments; and assess the current state of art history, so as to determine how scholars today continue and change this centuries-old discipline. Our focus is not art’s history itself; rather, our attention will center on the history of the history of art, and the methods on which that history was founded, has shifted, and continues to evolve.

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